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    Art has been a lifelong passion for me. I would consider myself a fairly prolific painter. There are very few days that go by when I am not working on my paintings. Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Art in 1985, I have pursued artistic endeavors in various media. My body of work represents styles of abstract expressionism, using biomorphic forms with a liberal use of color. Many of my oil paintings and drawings reflect three dimensional forms as represented in my sculpture and woodworking. I design and handcraft most of the frames and stretchers for my pieces using wood that I've hand selected for its unique beauty and compatibility with each individual piece. I also design and fabricate many one-of-a kind pieces of furniture.

    I am the house artist at the Tease Gallery in Quality CBD, 1222 Williamson St., Madison, WI.

I also show my work once or twice a year at other venues. I have recently retired as the Production Manager at Openwood Studios, in Madison, where I had been creating and producing themed dimensional signs and graphics for over 34 years. At Openwood I did woodworking, painting, carving, design modification, layout, and installation.  

    For more information, to purchase my work, or for a studio visit, please contact me by phone at 608.770.2021 or email at  

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